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Who We Are

TradeX token is created for projects which are built on blockchain technologies having real-life utility. TradeX token takes away the fear of your data being stolen, your identity being sold, or your credit card being charged without your authorization. TradeX token gives you the opportunity to have your own cryptocurrency. Through the electronic commerce of TRADING and playing, you can generate thousands of dollars in digital gold called Cryptocurrency and thus evolve in your financial freedom.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

NFT are a global phenomenon that has been appearing with greater force in developed and emerging economies. Project Tradex Ecosystem is powered by Tradex Token (TXH) NFT developed on the Tron network , is   active means of payment, they are divisible, durable, easy to verify, difficult to forge, portable and easy to transfer.

Total Supply
500,000,000 TXH

Crowd Sale
250,000,000 TXH

Private Sale
75,000,000 TXH

50,000,000 TXH

75,000,000 TXH

Team Retain
•50,000,000 TXH

Issue Price
 0.58 USD/ 0.50 GBP

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